AQS 2019 Ultimate Guild Challenge

FSQ Ultimate Guild Challenge Competition for AQS 2019

Acceptance to Grand Rapids Show  

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FSQ Theme:  Twinkling Stars

This theme has endless possibilities. Merriam-Webster defines the word twinkle as an ‘intermittent radiance’, ‘a rapid flashing motion or to flutter rapidly’ along with ‘to shine with a sparkling light’. Another avenue to contemplate is the shape of stars which can be represented with points or even smooth and round – as the sun is a star! The idea is to interpret or represent the definition of “twinkle” as part of your quilt. Whatever design you decide to pursue, we hope you let your imaginations soar.

Completed Quilts due at the March 4, 2019 FSQ meeting.

Size:  Width – 35” to 40”;   Length – 55” to 65”

Only one challenge quilt per individual. FSQ will enter (if we have 8 challenge quilts submitted) as one guild entry.

Label quilt on bottom corner quilt back. Include Quilt title, Name, Address in that order.  Quilts must be completed between April 1, 2016 to entry March 2019.  Quilts must be available for display from April 2019 at FSQ Show until one week after the Grand Rapids August Show.

Quilt must be quilted by hand, machine or both.  Quilting must pass through front, batting, back.  Quilt must consist of 3 layers.  Tied quilts are not eligible.  If you do not do the quilting yourself, be sure your quilter has not collaborated on another quilt in this contest.  Quilt must be in excellent condition.

Photos of quilt: Two photos must be submitted with your quilt (one full view and one detail photo).  Full View photo to include all 4 corners.  Only background may be cropped out.  Detail photo to show quality of quilting stitches.  Select a 12” section.  These photos must be submitted electronically to   See (page14) for Photography Suggestions.

Permissions: It is the entrant’s responsibility to obtain all necessary copyright releases.  This includes using someone else’s pattern even if paid for, artwork, photography or even another quilt as inspiration, even if the design has been altered.  An email or letter can get the required permission; see available info in book, on pattern or quilt artist’s website.  Attach a photo and ask for permission to enter and display quilt with proper credit.

Quilts valued over $1000 require an appraisal submission.

Quilts must be a single unit and may not be framed, other than binding.  No rods sewn into quilt.  Odd shaped quilts must be mounted on black fabric containing a sleeve; attach only top of quilt to black fabric.  No electrical components or special lighting to be attached.  Quilts must be able to stack with other quilts and boxed or rolled without possible damage to quilt.

Quilts must have attached sleeve for hanging.  See AQS at   which includes measurements and instructional video (requirements for Hanging Sleeve at the bottom of page).  FSQ will also have attached sleeve printout.

AQS challenge quilts are not for sale.

On March 4, 2019 submit the following:

1) finished quilt;

2) entry form per member submitting quilt;

3) permission info (if applicable);

4) appraisal (if applicable), and

5) two photos per above instructions.  All will be necessary if we have at least 8 challenge quilts, the required number by AQS.  Ultimate Challenge quilts will be displayed at the FSQ Show, April 27-29.  If the Ultimate Challenge goes to AQS, quilts will not be returned to individual until September 2019.


Please contact us with any questions.  Your 2019 Ultimate FSQ Challenge representatives: 

Liz Lawrence

Jennifer Rossmere

Mary Ann Bruce