2017 Show Bloomin’ Challenge

Bloomin’ Challenge X – Continuing the Tradition – “Spinning Flowers”


Sponsored by: Karen Moss, FSQ Member 

Prizes: Longarm Quilting Services by Karen as described below:

            1st Prize: quilting of a quilt up to King Size – all over pattern design only

            2nd Prize: quilting of a quilt up to Queen Size – all over pattern design only

            3rd Prize: quilting of a quilt up to Twin Size – all over pattern design only

Note: Batting and backing to be provided by the quilter

Judging:  Will be held Friday morning prior to the show opening.

Due Date: Photos and quilt registration form will be due at the same time all FSQ show photos and registration forms are due. 

Quilts Due: On FSQ quilt turn-in day.


  1. Contestants must complete an application form to receive a packet containing three fat quarters.
  2. Each of the fabrics must appear on the front of the quilt in a recognizable amount. The fabrics may appear in the binding, but the recognizable amount must be in the quilt top.
  3. Extra weight will be given to anyone who uses the entire three fat quarters in the top.
  4. The perimeter of the quilt must be between 144 and 210 inches. This perimeter requirement will allow for a nice wall hanging or baby quilt up to a lap size quilt.
  5. The only extra fabric available by yard is Fabric A at $3 a yard.

You can contact Karen Moss at 301-216-0284 or kitkat01@comcast.net  if you have questions.


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