Guild Officers & Committee Chairs

2018 – 2019 Officers click on a name to generate an email    
President Barbara Kilby    
Vice-President Carol Weikert    
Secretary Carmen Contreras-Sesvold    
Treasurer Sabina Lindley    
Committee Chairs      
Fabric of the Month Liz Plantz and Harriet Sheinson    
Facebook Suma Glassman and Ellen Robinson    
Field Trips Maybe You Would Like To Volunteer?    
Guild Pin Sales Susan Spencer    
Holiday Party Michelle Barnard    
Library Rosie Hormuth and Liz Lawrence    
Membership Judy Walsh    
Newsletter Liz Brodsky    
Opportunity Quilt Scheduler Need a volunteer here too…    
Opportunity Quilt Tickets Karen Moss    
Programs  JoAnne DuChez and Cathy Miller    
Publicity Lorie Coston    
Quilt Show 2019  Connie Ross and Theresa Peterson    
Retreats  Joy Dorman and Pat Vasaio    
Round Robin 2019 Margaret Natof    
Service Projects  Anne Weaver and Nancy Brennan    
Service Projects Summer Quilt Challenge 2018 JoAnne DuChez, DeVeda Powell, and Meg Tison    
Sit and Sew  Vacant. Sad isn’t it?    
Small Groups Coordinator  Nicki Lynch    
Sunshine & Shadow Vacant.     
Webmistress Lorie Coston    
Yard Sale 2019 Vacant. Will you volunteer? Please?    


If you need to correspond in writing, send mail to:

P.O. Box 8051
Gaithersburg, MD 20898

The general e-mail address for Friendship Star Quilters Guild is