2017 Show Service Projects Challenge

2017 Friendship Star Quilters Quilt Show




Help support FSQ’s service projects outreach by making a quilt that will hang in the Quilt Show and will then be donated to Fisher Houses at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda. 


  1. Children, teens and adults are served by Fisher Houses. Therefore, YOU get to choose the size quilt you’d like to make.  It should be no smaller than 36” x 36” for a young child, or at least 42” x 52” for a lap size for an adult.  The maximum size for a lap quilt is 72” x 72”, give or take an inch or two. You can certainly also make a twin-size quilt.
  2. Your quilt should include, on the front of the quilt, one of the following:
    • some recognizable piece of fabric that evokes a “sky”.  It can be a sunny sky, a stormy sky, a snowy sky, a sky at night. This doesn’t need to be a pictorial quilt, just one that contains a “sky”-colored fabric; or 
    • any “star” pattern, using any fabric.
    • In your artist statement, include information about either the type of sky your fabric evokes OR what star pattern you used.
  3. The Service Projects committee would like to acknowledge the generosity of all the members, including Juanita Canfield, Karen Walker, and many others, who have donated fabric to be used in the quilts and pillowcases we make and donate. If you would like to use any of this donated fabric in your quilt for the show, please stop in at a Service Projects workshop or, if that’s not possible, contact Anne Weaver or Nancy Brennan and we can make arrangements.
  4. Your quilt can be hand or machine quilted.  If it is for a young child, please do not embellish it with anything that can be pulled off and swallowed.
  5. Please baste a sleeve to your quilt for hanging in the show.  The sleeve should be positioned ½” to ¾” below the top edge of the quilt, NOT sewn into the binding.  The sleeve allows us to pin through the sleeve instead of the quilt when hanging.  The quilt should also have a label on it containing the quiltmaker’s name.  If you want this label to be removed before it is donated, please let either Anne Weaver or Nancy Brennan know.
  6. Finished quilts must be turned in on Quilt Turn In day. Your quilt will not be returned to you after the Quilt Show, but will be donated directly.


If you have questions, contact Anne Weaver or Nancy Brennan at servproj@friendshipstar.org.

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