2017 FSQ Ultimate Guild Challenge

The Nobel Prize Challenge

As you know, the Nobel Prize in Literature for 2016 was awarded to Bob Dylan “for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition.”  This year’s FSQ Ultimate Challenge is to express any of his lyrics in a wall hanging  to be entered in the AQS 2017 Ultimate Guild Challenge.

Challenge Rules:

Quilt’s perimeter must be between 155-165 inches.

No side may be less than 30 inches.

Dylan’s lyrics/poetry, i.e., what he has written, used as inspiration may be included in the design of the wall hanging, but must appear on the label.

            Quilts must be submitted to FSQ for judging at the March 6th guild meeting.

No one person may be involved in the creation of more than one wall hanging.  That is, if you do not quilt your work yourself, be sure than your quilter has not collaborated on another quilt in this contest.

The Sewfisticated Ladies small quilt group is sponsoring this challenge.  Contact Coralyn Colladay for additional information.

A registration form will be available at the Guild meeting and online at FriendshipStar.org.  This is to enable the sponsors to plan for FSQ judging and entering into the AQS contest.


NB   Because of copyright laws, the lyrics may not appear as the name/title of the quilt.  You may name it what you will, but, if you use any of the copyrighted lyrics in the name/title, AQS will request a change for the show.  (Ask me how I know, Coralyn.)

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